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Based in the North of England, we aim to provide paramotor training from the ground up based on years of experience and over a thousand flying hours.

From beginner to advanced levels of paramotoring (powered paragliding), we offer a full range of training courses. From starting the sport from scratch, to expanding and developing your current flying abilities, we have the training for you.

If you're already a competent pilot, check out our range of equipment. We supply the best gear available because it has been well designed and put through its paces by experienced pilots.

What's it all about?

Paramotoring uses a fabric wing which folds into a bag, with the addition of a lightweight 2-stroke engine which powers a propeller on the pilot's back.


This makes it possible to launch without any assistance from a flat field, and allows the pilot to fly for over 2 hours on a single tank of fuel.
Paramotoring is challenging but fun to learn, new pilots take to the air very early in their course of training. Following an approved training course is important to keep risk to a minimum and allow the pilot to progress quickly.

What to do?
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