Setting Future Standards


AXB can offer training that will give you the chance to fly paramotors under the guidance of a dedicated paramotor instructor.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an existing pilot, we can offer various levels of instruction tailored to your ability and experience.

Our primary aim is to help you learn and improve safely.

Foot launched aircraft do not require a licence or rating, and therefore anyone can buy a motor & wing and try it, with serious and potentially harmful consequences. Our job is to train you up to a sufficient standard whereby you can groundhandle the paraglider wing , takeoff, land etc as well as teaching other essential aspects of the sport such as meteorology, air law, motor theory etc.

You will not be required to learn paragliding before you learn to fly a paramotor, and paramotor school equipment can be used to complete the basic training.

The syllabus can be adjusted to cater for the trainee pilots needs. Most trainee pilots achieve their first solo flight within 3 days of training, then go on to reach a competent pilot level within 5 days.

To book any training: visit the contact page to see how to get in touch. You can also print off and fill out the training booking form along with the disclaimer which must be filled in.

We can also offer advanced courses for pilots who have a few hours airtime or have just started out. Our advanced courses cover aspects such as aerial navigation, advanced flying techniques, radios/other instruments, meteorology etc.

Part of these courses involves a cross-country exercise to put the theory into practice. Depending on weather conditions you could go on an out and return flight covering several miles and gain considerable altitudes. Radios are used to keep in contact and you could be flying as part of a small group.

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